Kraton Vant Battery & Charger Questions


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New guy here, I just bought a Kraton and I'm looking for advice on this battery:

14.8V 7500mAh 4S Cell 75C-150C HardCase LiPo Battery Pack w/ 8AWG Wire Discharge Leads (No Plug)

My questions are:

1) Will the battery fit? I'm pretty sure it does but just want to make sure.

2) How is the Vant brand? I read the posts on here and it seems like it's a good battery? It's cheaper than the major brands because they skip two middle men.

3) Exaclty what plug/connector will I need to hook up that battery to the Kraton and to one of the chargers (see below).

The reason why I want this battery is for the following reasons:

I'm just starting out so I don't need a 3s pack at this moment.

I want a single pack and not have to deal with connecting/charging two packs.

I want a 7500mah battery because it should last roughly 50% more than a 5000mah pack.
Plus if you do the math and buy 3 5000mah packs VS 2 of these 7500mah packs they should roughly give you the same amount of run time and cost exactly the same.

Also, which of the following 3 chargers should I purchase? I'd like to charge two batteries at a time as I will probably buy another 14.8 battery in the future.

Thank you for any advice.


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Yes that battery will fit.In my opinion Vant batteries are great! They perform exactly as they should and Ive never had any issues while charging. I bought mine off Ebay and for an extra $% they will solder which ever connector you need. You are going to need XT90 connectors for the V2 Kraton. They are great connectors. I like them so much I got rid of my Deans on my Savage and replaced them with XT90s. I agree that single bricks are better and easier to strap in and secure. I'm not sure which charger is the 'best' but I would probably buy the Venom Pro Duo 80w. You are also going to need one of these to charge your batteries via the XT90 connector :

This forum is a gold mine and you are going to love the Kraton! It is an absolute beast! Welcome to the club!