Vendetta Vendetta 6S - No Limit Drag Racing build.

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Hey y'all. Fairly new to the Forum here but thanks for the help and hospitality.

I had purchased my Vendetta about 2 months ago and have already made some big changes. Here I will tell you about them as the build goes on, for other Vendetta owners.
As you may already know, the Vendetta is tricky one to find parts and accessories for. I'll do my best to report every part number I put on here. So, with all of that being said, let's get to what's important.
6S Spektrum Firma ESC and Motor Mounted into the Vendetta, I have no regrets.

ESC: Spektrum Firma 150A SPMXSE1150
Motor: Spektrum Firma 2050kv SPMXSM1700

I got a deal I couldn't refuse on this combo that I just couldn't turn down. Mounting was fairly simple and the motor fit fine. The factory heatsink and fan were NOT able to be reused due to the OD of the motor being bigger. I have yet to put on a heatsink or fan because the motor doesn't even get hot how I use it.
The ESC also was much larger. And I made a haphazard mount out of a piece of lexan. ABS or Kydex would be recommend though. The ESC screws straight to the mount, then the mounts attaches using the receiver box cover with slightly longer screws. Version 2 of this will be coming soon.

I gotta run for now... I will edit this with the rest very soon because I don't know how to save as a draft.