Voltage cut off

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Arrma RC's
  1. Nero
OK, most of the time I run my nero till about 20-30% battery. 15 minutes or so. Twice now I've run it till it shuts down. Both times it was 0%/ 3.2v per.
My other cars are set to 3.7v, will this harm the batteries? There is no setting for it according to the owners manual.

Is 3.2v the default setting?
In case of Nero with two packs in serial, normally one lipo alarm is enough.
If you will check all cells, you´ll need two of them.
The other option is to change the ESC to a max8 or a castle.
I use the original BLX200 but i take care. If the car will starting going lower, I change the Lipo´s...
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