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Arrma RC's
when are voltage hobbies getting parts back in stock need some rear shock towers
I have sent them multiple emails in the last couple of weeks and had no reply to any of them..?

Normally they are very good at responding to emails.. No idea what's going on..?

They seem to be out of stock of a lot of stuff too at the moment..
Same here have sent them a few mails asking but no reply.
Yeah, something strange going on at VH. Always answered emails eventually. Rear towers go out of stock fast because that part is what breaks the most.
Hey guys! Just keep checking the site from time to time. I just purchased rear shock towers for my Outcast 6S. Not sure where this 1 came from but one day I happen to look and the site said 1 left. I usually get replies within 48 hours from Kenny over at voltage whenever I send an email.
Sent a message thru their website and never heard back, so I did not make my purchase for the parts I was interested in. They were out of stock on many parts...
It's taken me 4 months to get 3 of the 5 suspension pieces, and I was able to order the fourth this morning. I might have the last by August.

Actually the 3rd piece I ordered last week, so my guess/hope is the next one will be out next week.
I ordered parts for 102$ with shipping on May 29th. When they where sent on May 30th i realised an error on their side - they seemed to have lost the number of my house while transfering my address from their shop system to the mail system. I mailed them instantly - got no response.

Now it has been six weeks - no package arrived yet (to Europe/ Germany) - while it is shown as passed through customs on june 11th. Normally it takes one to two week from then to arrive.

I wrote them twice this week to ask kindly, if they can ask usps wether the package is still en route or is has been lost. (incomplete adress normally results in a return). No response.

On monday i will open a complaint with paypal and see into getting my money back - nothing i would normally do if some communication were to happen but the way it is I have no reason to believe the package is still on its way :cry:

Maybe @Rich Duperbash you can help? You seem to be in constant contact with voltage hobbies - are they alive?
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Update: yes, they are alive - paypal got a response.

I don't know the the content because i closed the case with paypal: the unlikely event occured: the package arrived after 8 weeks - 6 of them being lost in limbo.

Therefore: lack of communication is the only complaint i have - and as most senders from the US the customs declaration is incomplete

everything else is fine: little time from ordering to sending - items from really nice quality
ordered suspension mounts and steering plate last monday turned up yesterday still no response to email though for rear shock towers
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