Typhon Well bashed typhon to truggy rebuild

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i haven't driven my typhon v5 in about year, it sits on my shelf for the most part. i took a look at it the other day and noticed the rear shock tower was bent, so i decided it was a good time for a full rebuild and truggy conversion.

This was my first real RC, so i didn't take the best care or maintenance of it. the whole thing was pretty filthy- dirt and grime everywhere, the diff housings were filthy. I've stripped it down and gave it a good cleaning, i used my wife's ultrasonic cleaner on the diffs and it worked AMAZING!

Not sure what diff oil i should go with. I have 100k, 30k, and 15k on hand but i think that might be too thin?

Let me know your thoughts!

New parts i'm installing:
  • Kraton/outcast EXB hubs
  • Kraton/outcast EXB hexes
  • Kraton v5 CVD's
  • Typhon TLR Towers
  • m2c outdrives
  • hv brushless servo
  • new brushless esc/motor. i have a few, not sure which one i'll pick
  • mx28 badlands
  • maybe a new chassis? tlr or outcast exb?

my typhons

removed all the electronics for disassembly and cleaning.

look at the bent tower, no wonder my alignment was off!

these diffs still had a surprising amount of flud in them. i have a metal diff case for the center, is it worth it to upgrade the front and rear to ARRMA Metal Diff Case, ARA220050?

'WTF is in my ultrasonic cleaner?' - my wife

so fresh and clean! bearings were disassembled, cleaned, and lubed. replacing the old gaskets and the washers with MUGEN SEIKI E0206 Differential Washer Set

Front end friday!

Thanks Jenny, even though your shipping is kinda expensive nowadays, i still love you.
Nice when one is revived from shelf duty. I have a couple…. Looking forward to seeing this come together!
rebuilt the center diff with 500k and MUGEN SEIKI E0206 shims. 2 shims behind each planetary gear, 2 shims behind each satellite, and it's better than new. zero play. bearings were cleaned and lubed and now it reminds me of the rims on my car from 2003... it keeps spinnin and spinnin and spinnin.

Nice, I am just waiting on the MX28 Badlands then I think I will be able to Truggify one of the three Typhons I just bought. The other 2 are likely going to get an LWB and XLWB conversion at some point in the future after I give them a good season of street bashing with the stock SWB chassis. :devilish:
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