Well, That was fun!

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Just a short clip towards the end of my battery. It was nice out, so I decided to torture test it since rebuilding the front end...lol. Found the limits for how deep of water it'll go through. About 4-5 inches is too much. After letting it sit for a few minutes it was back to the torture.

And what it looks like after...

Considering what my driveway looks like, it's hard to keep them clean... Lol
4-5 inches to bog down? and also how did you clean the chassis (like idk bearings and stuff to keep dry and clean?)
People clean these things?? I kid, I kid...

Rinse it off with the sprayer in the sink.
Disassemble to get the bearings out, hit them with brake cleaner in a bearing blaster, re-oil them with 3 in 1 oil, reassemble. Rinse the motor with electric motor cleaner, relube the bushings or bearings as needed.
Haha! Well, I gotta admit, they don't see that every time... Sometimes with the kid's Stampedes, it's easier just to wait for failure/breakage...lol
OK, so two of my kids and I got some play time in this afternoon... This was the result...



I think the motor is about done for now after 8-10 runs with a Lipo and my abuse... It only made this sound intermittently, but it did it several times.

Time for clean up and tear down... Have fun, y'all!!
I have a Turnigy 3900Kv and Castle Sidewinder 3 waiting to get installed... We'll see what happens. :D

Sound like you need to oil the bearings if it has bearing, and if it has bushings its toast. That's what the fan motor on my S10 pickup sounds like.
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