What are these set screws for?

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The set screws on the hubs, what they be for?
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I wondered that myself...best I can figure is that they push on the outer race of the bearing...but still strange because...the bearings don't have an outer groove for them to lock into...almost like a half ass adaptation to what you would find in industrial equipment when a set screw is in fact used to secure a bearing for assembly ...or to prevent the outer race from spinning in loose fit housings. ...

some industrial applications use anti rotation pins..etc..

but in this case...whenever I looked at it...i wasn't sure if they even lined up properly on the hubs...
I saw the triple balls in the rear and I decided to buy on the spot. Absolutely freaked me out. BTW - I found a squirt of WD40 on the balls will help in a hard crash and it worked - I hit a tree and the ball popped out and the casing was not cracked at all. I unscrewed the ball and slipped it back through - all good. The oil will allow a hard knock - I DID order two new casings when it happened but still have em on reserve...
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