Kraton What Did You Break Today???


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It was a blast at beach with my boy and Kleo.

Did break the NEW wing though. Backflip land on the wing!!!

Left lower a arm on Kraton 6s exb. Ordered some red RPM arms.

EXB arms are no joke hard to break. I have done a couple in but its not easy. Im not a fan of RPMs on Kraton or Outcast. They flex way to much and pop dogbones out of the cups super easy. I switched back to exb arms
hmmmm...well it was pretty cold out. Mostly driver error though. I have some exb backup arms too.
hahaha one of my exb arms was total driver error, hit a flat curb at full speed. The other was just hard landing off jumps.
This was a hard landing at a weird angle. I heard it snap like twig. lol
20mph into a curb.... just had to get in a quick run before the rain :LOL:

Still ran battery to lvc after that.


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