what did you eat today?

I'll start tonight when I eat something. I promise I have the absolute worst eating habits but there is nothing I'm afraid of. I have many, many preferences but will eat pretty much anything.
I really eat once a day most of the time and it's late at night. I love junk food and garbage, TV dinners, cheap frozen burritos and pot pies as much as the best stuff.
So far the only thing I've eaten is a Duke's green chile snack stick and a couple pieces of jerky from Jerry Lee's. I buy their jerky, hog's headcheese, boudin, smoked sausage and have been eating this stuff my entire life...or at least since I was eight years old. My granddad got me on the stuff and now my dad and I get it very often. I've serve it to clients and dad gives it away to his clients.
If you want to set yourself free, order some boudin and headcheese....they ship overnight.
Pizza and chicken wings for dinner. Ice cream later for dessert.
This thread needs pictures so I can drool on my phone screen while I scroll down
Here ya go.
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I didn't eat this today but maybe will help stimulate eaters here. I did produce all the sausages without premixed seasonings etc. I measure every single detail on a scale and in weight by using percentages starting with the weight of the lean meat I have on hand. They're fresh meaning not cooked prior to grilling where many are cooked to 150F and stored prior to the second cook at service. All formulas we developed trial and error.
Just trying to keep it going, friends.
The guy that downvoted is clueless. Probably mad I didn't make tofu sausage or used to work for me and has poor standards and work ethic. Just like any hands-on craft, it takes work to do well and these days hard work runs em off. It's a dying art.

Mangrove Snapper
Snapper is my favorite saltwater fish to eat. Every once in a while my brother lets me have some American Red Snapper than he catches. He's wealthy (compared to me being poor) and has a Grady White fishing boat that he went in on with a couple friends. American Reds are my ultimate but any fine snapper like your Mangrove is sexy and perfect.