What did you work on today?

Further mock up and test the drive train, After a rebuild and fitting the max 5 G2 1100kv combo with some new shoes, just waiting alloy centre, and bulkheads, uprights to arrive, looking at the infraction body this looks interesting and could be made to work.

'm going to test on these tracks if permitted. both should be interesting here.🤔

I'll be testing these DXF packs that I picked up cheap, they seem to do ok on a first test on a stock truck, Anyone else tried them?








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Got a little more done on the Cross XT4 crawler. I'd say it's coming along quite nicely.

Think I'm gonna love being able to lock and unlock my diffs on this one.
Is nobody else doing anything? This thread is starting to look like I'm doing a new build thread. Got the beadlocks assembled for the xt4 this afternoon. Never in my life have I wanted to pour a bottle of nitro fuel into a bag of lipos and light a match so badly. These things were a pain. The good news is I didn't commit arson, and I'm ready to start assembling the body kit.
Is nobody else doing anything?.
I’m doing plenty. My BFAM finally moved out of my downstairs guest space and I’m cleaning, painting, and doing touch up on 800 square feet of life space. 👍
I just got done replacing the pickguard on my 83 Strat Elite. DG custom pickguard with hot Strat noiseless pickups, stock pots, and wired it with Dean Ultra wire. I replaced the neck with a Fender American Standard with a biflex truss rod. The body is two piece alder and after 40 years it's developed a semi heavy tone, I really like it. By the way, I purchased this guitar new.

Not RC, but it's what I'm working on.
The dogs got me up early this morning, so I installed the M2C Racing rear shock tower and rear chassis brace that arrived yesterday. Sorry, no pic, but most everyone knows what they look like.

I found a small stone sitting in the lower hinge pin area of the chassis, and I removed it. It was pretty well hidden, and it wasn't affecting anything.
Trying to salvage my MMX8S from a bullet that came off the board and trying to salvage one of my proline trenchers 4.3 tires that got stripped. Steel enforced JB weld on the tire hex (put some aluminum foil around the hex first) , jb weld in my MMX8S after melting solder on the bullet and heating the bullet with a torch. I got the ideas off other rc drivers. That's why you don't throw ANYTHING away until you research how to fix your carnage 😂. And I threw away a tire with a good looking stripped rim about a month ago 🤦. But at least I didn't throw away the following ESCS that need this exact repair : two XLX2, one Max 5 and one Max 6.

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Did the esc work again after that fix? I'm thinking of trying this with my xlx2 that just lost a bullet.

Got the layout pretty much figured out on this today. Soldered in a 50v 1000uF cap and had to re-pin the jst-sh1.0 (6) pin for the camera so it would work with the flight controller. I’ll probably solder the motors and battery pigtail tomorrow or Friday. Gotta 3D print a few things first. And I have to solder in the rx.
Did the esc work again after that fix? I'm thinking of trying this with my xlx2 that just lost a bullet.
nvm I actually fixed it by following probably the same video you saw haha. Can't believe it was that easy!