What is better: 2x2s LiPo or 1x4 cell?

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So i got my talion and i need to buy new batteries cause mine cant take the power. so my question is, will i get a better run time with a 4 cell lipo, say 5000 mah, or with 2, 2 cell 5000mah lipos......
thanks guys!
All else equal, it should be the same given the dual option is wired in series.

Speaking of which, can the talion on run on 2s? If so, you would also have the option of switching to a parallel adapter for the two packs which would roughly double your run time and halve your top speed. Those 2s packs are more common too and you might be able to share them with another vehicle. Charging could be an issue though. It would double your charge time unless you parallel charge them or have another way to charge two at once. Long story short, lots more flexibility with 2x2s, but harder to charge.
You can charge the 2S batterie packs individually. I don't see why it would be necessary to charge them in parallel. One thing to consider is that one battery pack may discharge differently than the other, so you may need to set your LiPo cutoff a littler higher than with a 4S pack. For example, pack A is at 3.0V but pack B is at 3.2V, which means together they're outputting an average of 3.1V. If your cutoff is set at 3.0V, it won't kick in until the average voltage for both packs is 3.0V, so pack A may drop below the minimum recommended 3.0V discharge level. So as far as LVC, a single 4S pack is easier to deal with, but dual 2S packs gives you more flexibility if you have other vehicles.
Like I said above, charging them individually will double your charge time unless you have two chargers. That is a pretty big drawback either way imo. Parallel charging is nothing to be afraid of though. I routinely cook up heli batteries 6 at a time.

As far as issues with series and LVC goes, every multi-cell lipo is wired in series. Healthy cells will stay balanced with each other. Potentially loosing an extra tenth on a bad one will do minimal damage to an already failing cell. Not something to loose sleep over.
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ya so i went to my hobby shop and asked the tech there and he said the same thing. that either way the cells are wired the same. i ended up buying 2 smc 2s 6500 mah lipos for my talion. just waiting for them to get here..
But my question that originally started my questioning was that, does the MAH double with two batteries? ie. does 2 lipos rated for 5000 mah = 10000 mah? Or...does the mah rating mean for each cell of the battery? i think it means for each cell but i have no idea lol
In series you add your cell count (voltage) and capacity (mah) does not change. In parallel you add your capacity (mah) and voltage does not change. Voltage directly affects max motor rpm, mah directly affects run time.

And btw, if your hobby shop is anything like mine, you should take anything you hear there with a grain of salt.
ok cool thanks for the info, and my shop is actually pretty good lol So does anyone know the stock wiring configuration on the Talion?? are they series or parallel??
Always series:

Parallel: Same output voltage as a single pack, but double capacity

Series: Doubles output voltage, capacity equal to a single pack

Parallel is not suitable for your 1/8 scaler. It will go very slow....
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