What is happening to Pro-Lines 1:8 3.8" tires and wheels ?


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Hi all,

Just wonder if somebody with insight knows what's going on with Pro-Line and their 1:8 3.8" tires and wheels ?

I have various sets of tires/wheels, Pro-Lines are my favorite's though, at least for me they're the ones that performs the best and lasts the longest.

I see more and more of their 3.8" stuff get discontinued. First it was the loose wheels and then the loose tires and now even the pre-mounted ones. I understand and have said earlier that it's probably about sales !?
I also understand that all companies have to renew their stuff now and then but I don't really see any new releases in the 3.8" segment ! The 3.8" series of tires/wheels should sell well !? Are the ones included with the cars i.e the dBoots Backflips gotten so much better the last years, so that the aftermarket/third party sales have declined ?

I already miss, the loose Badlands, Shockwaves loose and mounted, Masher's, the loose rims....etc......

These are some of the legacy items

a little off-topic, but my fav truggy bodies........https://www.prolineracing.com/pro-line-legacy-items/legacy-1-8-truck.asp

If you remove the XMAXX ones, there aren't that many left
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Yeah, I kind of wanted to try the shockwaves, but didn't see them on the site anymore, so ended up buying a lightly used set of kraton tires/wheels on the facebook arrma buy/sell page.

I really like the trencher 3.8's, but they seemed to be too heavy for my outcast, caused overheating issues. Made me sad to take them off. I moved them back to my brushless revo and my savage flux also has a set.

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