What is the best 1/8th ESC

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I tryin to figure out what is the best all around esc to use in a 8th scale. And what i mean is price power ( amp ) and on road test ( speed batt life heat ) how easy it is to tune. Just a comparison of the hott brands in one place. Hobbywing castle tekin orion. I have a castle mamba monster x. I also have two hobbywings right now 150a and max8. The 150a is getting fixed right now and hobbywing might send me a xr8 back. Witch is just the new name for the 150a. Im going to test in a typhon nd a talion. In put is greatly appreciated.
What's up! Chevy you have in your hands the two top esc in the market,personally I'll go with the Castle Creations ,hobby wing is good to and easier on the pocket it's like I tell my brother-in-law if you have the dow why not so he went for it now he a 22s esc running on 16s the 1/8 truck is a beast!! The Mamba 200a if I am not mistaken and Hobbywing is 150a so Chevy I'll go with the highest amp. Plus no matter how good your esc is if you don't have good battery's it's like nothing! Like me my esc is 150a so I run two 3s 75c burst 150c each battery I wish I can have two Maxamp battery! So out of the esc you have yeah eyes closed Castle Creations. See if I got pic of the beast! I'll post them.
after months of waiting and testing. I like the mamba monster x esc the best it does it all and works with sensorsed motors. hobbywings are good for bashing and racing but for speed runs they are a pita to keep the from smoking up and having weird issues. and the mamba xlx is for the hardcore
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