What pinion gear on Talion?

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Hello everybody!

I'm getting my first Arrma car on tuesday, the Arrma Talion. The car is not new, it's used 3 times. I have a question about the diff oil and the pinion gear. The oil that's in the car right now is 100k at the front and back and 200k in the center diff. Do I have to change pinion gear so the motor doesn't get overheated? If so, what pinion gear should I change to?
I'm also wondering if this oil is optimal for bashing? Should I change oil, if so what weight is optimal?

Thanks in advance! :)

If it is still the stock pinion, it shouldnt overheat....look if you like it...if it feels to much underpowered then go up a pinion or 2 :)

Thick diffoil also has a positif effect on the temperatures of the car...
First try it out the way you buy it...but i think for bashing you will need thicker oil in the centre...just try it out and see for yourself. In the end its about personal preference
Yeah it's the stock pinion, 12t is it, right? The guy that I bought the car from said I have to check the motor sometimes so it does not overheat. Oh okay, how much thicker? 300k?

The kraton also came stock with a 12t pinion but there was also a 14t pinion in the box so maybe your talion has it also in the box?
I don't know about the handling of the talion but i have 500k centrediff in my kraton.
Its a pain in the ass to get it in haha but it works fantastic...like i said, its just personal preference
Umm yeah, the only thing I know is that it comes with a high speed pinion gear. Is it that one you mean or is it another one?
I guess the handling is pretty much the same, but I don't know. Does the diff oil affect the top speed?

Okay, thanks! Is there any difference between the high speed pinion and a "normal" 14t pinion?

How often do you have to put oil in the diffs? If it's not that often, I can wait to order oil, to see if I like the oil that is already in the car.

You don't have to change the oil much...i would do it like 2 times a year...because i drive my car also in the winter sometimes...
You can easily wait before you buy oil.
I would check your diffs. They come with a little grease, not oil, and alot of times they do not put much in at all from factory.
Take your time man...no need to rush...just watch how the car handles now and after that see what you want to change
Would a 16T be okay in the Arrma Tailon? I upgraded the tires to the Outcast flips and added a wheelie bar.
So I should have kept my stock tires on it? Just looking to do some wheelies

I like the way the Talion handles on the stock Katars. I have no problem pulling wheelies or doing backflips. But people do run larger tires so if that's what you like than go for it ?
Am I the only one who tries to get my rigs NOT to wheelie? It’s annoying AF. Can’t get any speed going with the nose in the air.
Am I the only one who tries to get my rigs NOT to wheelie? It’s annoying AF. Can’t get any speed going with the nose in the air.
I can get any of my rigs up to speed without wheelies. It's all in the trigger finger ???
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