Fireteam What run times are you getting

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Wondering what kind of run times are you guys getting with your Fireteam. I just picked up a couple of Fireteam's on sale and have only run them in the cold. Running a pair of 3S 7200mah 80C batteries in each - batteries are warm until I put them in the rig. Running in temps just below freezing on hard packed snow on a frozen lake - so it is full throttle most of the time. I am getting just 3 minutes of run time before LVC.

By comparison, my Xmaxx will get about 12-15 mins of run time with 4S 7000mah 80C in similar conditions (compared to 20 min in summer). My SCX6 shows almost no drop in run time in cold.

I get that cold will cut into run times - but this seems like quite a drop. Hoping that summer run times are much longer.
Yikes, 3 minutes on 7200mah? I was getting about 7-9 minutes on my Typhon with the stock esc and 4074 motor and 5500mah batteries . Spektrum esc has a higher LVC and isn't adjustable. Check your voltage after it hits LVC, probably cutting off around 3.6v. Still seems like even with a bigger/heavier rig, you should be getting a good bit more run time with 7200mah.
Voltage is 3.7 after LVC - but suspect is was a bit lower when it hit LVC as I measured it 15 minutes later once I got back to my car.
Yes this ESC has a high LVC.
I am running a DX5pro radio so can see the voltage dropping - ESC hits LVC before my low volt alarms go off.

My Felony gets much longer run times in the summer on 5000mah - probably 20 minutes.

I suspect this rig is really impacted by cold. I pulled the handbrakes out just now, they may have been plugged up with snow / ice causing a load.
Won't be able to test for a while - it is getting cold now .... heading to -30C ..... too cold for RC and too cold for me.
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