what type of lube on suspension?

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what type of lube would you use on the suspension parts like the ball ends and sockets? t

I was having some servo problems but this is what i found in the forum........ To make sure everything moves freely, disconnect your shocks from the lower suspension arms, undo the steering link from your servo, and remove your wheels. With everything disconnected, your suspension arms should flop around freely under their own weight. If they don't, fix it. Try and figure out where it's binding and shave things a little at a time until they move freely. If the steering knuckles have any friction at all, the pillow balls are likely too tight. This is an easy fix by just loosening the caps on the pillow balls until you get free movement.

turns out the pillow balls are too tight... the servo saver was kicking in because of the friction...
I've read on boards keep any lithium based lubes away from RCs, only silicone based.
Anyone else hear the same?
That's a first for me. I use white lithium grease in many of my RC transmissions and have for years without any issues.

I got the caveat on from a YT or board long ago but couldn't reproduce it now.
I hope my post showed skepticism and doubt, because I couldn't find the reasoning behind it.
Found this at Tower, but it does not rule out lithium based.
silicon grease.JPG
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I use snot, no, really, i do..seriously. ..snot!!! Its for archery bow limbs, so they plan on it being around dirt.. sometimes i put it on the the moving joints and pillow balls. It keeps it moving freely and prevents moisture from forming and then drying and binding things up.

I also use lithium grease, only for parts that are not exposed, like the diff gears...When I'm lazy and things are a little squeaky from moisture, like a puddle or running on grass, and not from things being to tight or to loose...Ill leave the parts on the car, rinse the part with wd40, wipe down extra and let dry. Then ill squirt some slick 50 oil on it. Then repeat with the wiping. After that then everything moves freely. Not sure if that's a good way, but it works for me.

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