What upgrade parts would you want made?

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CNC steering linkage/servo saver with bearings instead of bushings and hardened steel pins. Basically something more durable than stock that has a fraction of the slop at the wheel. Oh, and for the granite, but i imagine a number of the arrma vehicles share that assembly. Just lmk where to send the check...
Stronger front lower suspension arms, I've been having a ton of breakage there specifically with my Senton. I would happily pay an up-charge for a higher quality part to slow this breakage down.

A metal plate for the top of the steering bell crank, or a steering assembly similar to the older rc10gt.
Any availability on shocks would be good. I'd like to either lift or lower my Kraton depending where I'm running that day.
Aluminum center diff mount and more aluminum upgrade parts. Wouldnt mind buying after purchasing vehicles
  • Mud guards and rim scrapers
  • Higher chassis sides to keep out dirt, mud, etc (though this may reduce airflow over the motor and esc)
Wing mount for the 1/8ths, hopefully rpm comes out with one soon


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