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I have a 6s kraton and tired of breaking parts and the bank + I have two 3s line up arrma typhon n big rock they break the bank I came up with the idea to try putting the 3s blx system in the kraton..jus bump the pinion gear up to a 19t from stock 16t cause no power is there but 19t is perfect…ran it once and it does great..motor jus needs a fan didn’t have temp gun on hand but I did the finger trick n it wasn’t bad but still needs fan!!! Tires I’m running are duratrax six pack glued on proline rims…smaller wheels from stock.. pretty much I have a deal breaker..jus enough speed power n not hurting my pocket…now battery time ain’t that long cus bigger car pulling l from a 3s system n battery is 5200 mah 80c…tell me y’all aspects about this??? Don’t care bout the negative comments/feed back aleast I made you take time out your day!! Thanks


Interesting concept, I definitely appreciate the ingenuity that went into this. I'd be interested in seeing how the motor holds up long term with moving that extra weight and turning the wheels (I know they're smaller than the stock Kraton wheels/tires). I can definitely understand your frustration with constantly breaking & repairing. That's one of the main reasons I prefer running in large open fields, with an occasional small jump here and there. Good luck! 👍
I think papa smurf needs to put down the crack pipe, buckle up and hold on to his ass! Nice looking rig!
O Johnny, don't insult Smokey Smurf like that!! He ain't no crack head! He's pullin' some tubes of that fine sticky-icky green!!! 😂 :ROFLMAO: 👍 ✌️ 🌲🌳

@southcakk843 Hey, if the slower speeds work for ya and you can keep the temps down, go for it! 👍

This hobby is all about having fun. If it puts a smile on your face and keeps benjis in your pocket....that's all that matters! 👍🍻😁✌️
Thanks for the uplifting comment.. and yes any rc car/truck puts a smile on my face but jus mad wen they don’t hold up to their standards/requirements..spend x amount then need extra amount to beef it up ??? What a hobby we’re in! But again thanks…oh other side has SpongeBob get high too n back window says I love weed !! Lol 420 all day
Cool! I like creative solutions.

Personally, I've been curious about (and haven't seen a "solid" answer) whether you could run a 6S system at 50% throttle, and get similar results to running it on 3S. Like when going for less speed, to help avoid breaking stuff.

I don't have useful 3S packs, just 6S. So personally, I can't just try going to a single 3S, or whatever. But if it's effectively the same, for motor heat and power, then perhaps that could be a useful option for folks in a similar situation to me.

My ESC (different brand truck) is also only rated for 4S, or 6S. So even if I had a suitable 3S pack, it likely wouldn't be a great solution.

I hope this works out well for you! If the run time was really a problem, you could try a pair of 3S in parallel, for twice the capacity. But now the truck is heavier (slower), and the extra mass is more likely to break stuff in a crash.
Power is there , pretty much seem like a 4s but battery run time is only 10-15 due to the 3s system moving that beast…still jumps n crazy rooster tails ..motor temps was 120 and esc was 140-145….looking for bigger 3s mah battery or get a blx120 n run 4s on stock 3s motor ..
Btw guys I know a whole lot bout rc!!! Jus tryn out new ideas..and money saving costs if someone wants to try it out !! I know bout speed power motors esc pinions spurs etc…I know wat a 6s system is capable of!! Smarty but thanks for y’all feed back !