What's your "budget" LiPo of choice?

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When I got into this hobby about a year ago, I quickly found out that cost can be a barrier to entry if you make bad purchases and bad decisions. When I decided to make the switch to LiPo batteries, I did a ton of research on "budget" LiPo batteries on various online forums. I was looking for a battery that was reliable, good quality, and one that would not break the bank. With that being said, I decided on 2 suppliers: SPC Racing Batteries and SMC Racing Batteries. I run a 5000mAh, 50C, 2S SPC Racing LiPo ($33) in my Fury BLX and could not be happier with the performance. I also run a pair of 2500mAh, 50C, 2S SPC Racing LiPos ($20 each) in my mini E-Revo and a 5000mAh, 50C, 3S SMC Racing LiPo ($40) in my Axial Yeti.

So, what's your battery of choice? Hopefully this thread can help out someone who is just getting into the hobby or someone who is looking for a different pack to try.
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Even though not an ideal solution, you can easily find adapters on eBay. Like the battery that you linked, you can go from a 4mm bullet connector to a female Deans with something like this:

Gforce lipos!!! Value Hobby, very good price and so far, great lipos! I've had mine for about 6 months and balance charge them, every charge. They are still holding full charge on all cells, and are NOT puffy.
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I went with eco power 30c 7.4v 5000mah 2c "roar approved" from amain.com $39.99 plus 1.97 shipping came with deans plug on it
Would you recomend lipo for the mega series, I don't want to smoke my esc,yet.
I use smc 2 and 3 cells. Fantastic performance and reasonable cost.
not to be a downer or seem to be a hobby shop snob but..instead of getting an adaptor from one plug to another learn how to solder. it will save you time and money in the long run.(if you are running multiple cars make them all the same)

i have found some 2s kinexsis 35c 4100mah batteries for 30 usd just had to change the plugs to deans. plus when you have to witch esc plugs or get new one it is a good skill to learn.

just my 2 cents
I bought four 2S 70C 5000mAh hard case LiPos from SMC-Racing.net, and so far they seem to be running great. They were about $150 shipped for all four, which is a great deal.
Have zippy 4000mah 4s 25c
Have venom 4000mah 3s 25c

Like the venom more. Did loose a cell in a tiny 3s 1800mah when i was screwing around with 3s for the first time.... still took awhile tho

Had a "regular" onyx 5000mah 25c and had it puff up and scare me.

haven't had any issue with the zippy pack but side by side venom soft packs sem like they can take a little more of a beating
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