Senton wheel/tire options for the v2 senton

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Anyone try any upgrades from stock wheel and tires? If so which ones and what are your thoughts?
I run 1/8th scale buggy wheels and tires on mine. I have some Proline Split six with Duratrax Banditos for onroad, and some Duratrax lockups premounted on whitw dish wheels for offroad. The stock tires are ok. Mainly use them for drifting around corners since they offer little traction.
I'm also looking for tire/rim options for my senton v2. Saw the lockups but don't like the pizza pan look.
Badlands would be good too. Once my lockups wear down, i think ill try Badlands
First weekend with my new Senton. Did a nice 20 foot jump and landed flat. Great control but traction is no bueno. I am impressed with the metal and the weight. However in 3 days /. Broke off the right side of the rear bumper / popped ALL FOUR TIRES running on 6S and the pinion came loose because the grub somehow was hitting the motor mount and it ground it down. Same thing happened to my Kraton. Have to say I'm pretty surprised and not in a good way. Fortunately- my TBONE front and rear bumpers & front and rear guards are arriving today as well as the DURATRAX lock ups buggy wheels... got both fixed at the shop. Also filled up the diffs. I also popped my ne big rock tires for my Nero. Fun never ends.


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Tires haven't been my problem, it's been the wheels. Stock wheels exploded on 6s so I tried DE Racing Trinidad sc wheels and proline trencher tires. Much better, but the Trinidads end up cracking. Now I'm running the same tires on DE Racing Borrego wheels. The Borrego wheel is stiff with a lot of internal webbing. I couldn't imagine there being a stronger wheel out there.
I have to say. What a difference Duratrax lock ups make. Dramatic improvement in handling. Love them.Will take this out in the mud soon. I got a 4s 90c 5000mah Graphene brick on the way. I'm very happy no cutting the shell too. Maybe a lil in the front - I think I heard some rubbing. Anyway - now just need to fill up the diffs - do I fill them or just enough on the gears? Going to use track power grease - it's blue.


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