Wheelie bar vs tbone bumper?

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San Jose, CA
Arrma RC's
  1. Granite
i just upgraded from the granite mega to the blx. i have the tbone rear bumper from my mega and am wondering if I should use it or leave the existing wheelie bar on the blx? Thanks.
After some thinking I think I would go with the TBR bumpers...o_O
More protection...And I have seen a guy make "skid wheelies" with a wide variant...:D
Oh damn, my head hurts...:confused:

Ps. What Woodie says...;)
I can't vouch for the tbr bumper, but I will say I have an incredible knack for breaking those wheelie bars. Motor guards too! :mad:
Another vote for tbone bumpers and the tbar, (wheelie bar that mounts onto tbone bumpers).
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