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  1. Nero
Is it still possible to do Jumps with a wheelie bar or does it prohibit it? Just wondering
Haven't tested her out yet. Wondering if any of you had any experience?
??.... no, with a wheely bar you can´t make backflips with the Nero!
That the sense of these thing.
An exception is the Outcast which have the bar include....

I went a bit beefier this go around


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I hated the T-bone bar for bashing. Slightest bump in the ground and bar would smash the nose down. Best for street/speed when you want it to stay flat.
I have the Hot Racing Wheelie Bar on my Big Rock and I can do standing backflips and running backflips with no problem.

In my opinion the HR wheelie bar is to small for this truck, thus the back flips!

I'm thinking of going with the T-Bone V2 wheelie bar to help keep this monster down.

This monster will launch on jumps with a brick tied to the bed!!! Seriously it's that powerful!!
Thats my way. Wheely bar with shock absorbers.
In case that the wheels are touching the ground too hard, it can move upwards.
Normally the springs have enough force to prevent an backflip and the oil prevent hard shocks from the chassis...
This bar allows also jumping without to have a "hook" like the TB-Bar.
A colleague of mine had removed his TB-bar, cause he "caught" all the time long grass.
The most ugly point was that one wheel was damaged by this situation.

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