Raider When you drive your rc car in public what do people think of it

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This a question im asking to everyone whenever you drive your rc car around the neighborhood do people look at it like if they never seen anything like it before i remenber a few times a car pulled over to watch me drive it
If it is just sitting there, the laymen will walk right by and not even take a second look. If I am ripping it around they are generally shocked at the speed and will stop what they are doing to watch and talk to me about it. Once I catch wind of that I like to buzz the tower with the front wheels in the air. Jaw meet floor. :D

IMO, my helis are much more impressive in just about every way but the truck seems to get more attention from people not in the hobby. Not sure why?
My cousins from Europe came to america and i showed it to them they were suprised they never seen anythnig like that and also were my cousins are from they are really behind on technology
I've never had a problem running my RC's around the house, my neighbors either don't care or haven't said anything. One of my neighbors actually likes to come watch and check them out. If I'm driving at the park then I try to get away from as many people as possible, not only to be respectful but also because I don't want to risk hitting anyone either.
Well ive hit a couple of people with my kraton . A couple were my fault but a couple weren't my fault. I ran mine anywhere it looked like it would be fun ( mall skate parks, regular parks ). People were always shocked by the speed and size of the truck. A couple of skater tried to kick it but learned a good lesson krama a b****. We crossed on a jump and kept it pushing
I try to run where I'm away from people, rolling or flying, I don't want trouble and I don't want to taint the hobby image.
Around the neighborhood, it draws the kids out like the sound of the ice cream truck on a hot summer afternoon.
Kid are all "I wanna try it" or "how much was that", the boys want to race their bikes against the RC.
The adults, IDK and don't care; they're either saying "meh" or "why doesn't he grow up" or my personal fav, "how do you find the time to do that?"
Some day, just maybe, I'll suggest they take a time-management course... Meh...
My local track is about an hr away , so all I do is run in the neighborhood. The older people don't care for the "noise"! The younger kids are in aww and also wanna race. The fellas around my neighborhood are in to 4wheelers and think the can beat me but my granite it hitting 60mph and smokes them in a single block with out a problem..... It has won me money and also gained me enemies! :p
I don't get why people say how do you find the time for that like you can have time
Unfortunately @Albert84PL2005 they are judgmental and should not be.
I'll rec this to them next time:
My response when anyone asks me how I have time for _______ is to ask them how much time they spend on Facebook every day. That shuts them up real quick and most are too embarrassed to even answer.

Amen @Dustin Mustangs !
That and TV. We only watch 3 different shows and all DVR'd.
That's 3 hours a week on TV, where they are watching what?
4 hours a night?

@Steve thats a good one!....... @Dustin Mustangs that is totally true.... I'm not the busiest guy in the world... Like most here I have a wife ( ;) ) ,2 kids , a job, and I also run 5 fitness classes a week but running my rc' is how I unwind and calm down..... So soothing to jus let go and be a kids for a few battery packs!

Same here @LunchBox , job, wife, house, gym and heck yeah. Unloading electrons from a few batteries is a great way to unwind. I'd much rather be mod'ing/fixing than watching TV.
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Im still a bachelor hehe, so i got time for Rc cars

Bwahahahaha! :cool:

BTW Steve how did make your ESC stay in place did you glue it or used double sided tape?

Neither, I used a wide tie-strap, drilled 2 holes and looped it over (make sure to not cover the cooling fan) and cinch it down with screws.
Here's a shot of it on my YT channel, skip up to the 50 second mark.
I shot the video for another guy on the board.
I also try to avoid public places as much as possible.

I even teach my son to stop the car when somebody comes too close. Even on 2S these cars are a hazardous momentum for feet, legs, toes...

Once we drove on a big lawn in my previous neighborhood, which was under maintenance: extremely short grass and dirt, as flat as concrete. We could go flat out on 2S on a large track I set up with cones. The speed and dirt rooster tales did draw a small audience :cool:
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