Which Arrma rigs do you own 2 or more of?

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My problem is I just can’t pass up a good deal 😁

All of these are set up differently with different upgrades and electronics than other like models

2 Typhons 1/8
2 Senton 1/8
3 Outcast 1/8
4 Talion 1/8
4 Kraton 1/8
2 Mojave 1/8
3 XL Kraton
2 Felony
3 Outcast 1/5

Two Limitless V2 is it for me. Same except motor and esc on them.
Typhon 3S and a Senton 3S, unlike Johnny b they are still pretty stock (different tires on the Senton and a Senton bumper on the Typhon and aftermarket shocks on both). But I'm liking the idea of a Mojave...