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Hey guys before you recommend me a car, the Nero is out of price range and no kraton because my friend I drive rc with owns one already. But pretty much I enjoy just zooming around on road and offroad, I don't race my rc, so cant decide on which to go for. My mind is between Senton and Talion and figured you all will have good advice!


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@grant1120 you really can't go wrong with either as both the Senton and Talion are great models. The Arrma Talion is basically an Arrma Kraton so if you're not wanting a Kraton you can just about mark off the Talion from your list as well, which leaves the Senton on your shopping list. :D


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I'll go against the grain and sat Talion. When you run wit h your buddy, if you have a senton, you won't be able go were he goes as easy...

If you run solo a lot, then Senton makes more since.

I had a Kraton and Talion. They were very equal bashers, but the Talion was a bit more nimble. Then I traded my Talion for a Typhon (very similar wheels and size as Senton). It bashes good, but nothing like the Talion. When I bash with my son and his Kraton now, I have to watch where we are headed and adjust, instead of just blasting thru.

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