Kraton Which Proline wheels?

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Looking at getting a new set of wheels as a late Christmas present to myself!

My driving is 25% on road, 75% in short-medium length grass (not long at all though). Some small jumps but no flips, we mainly race round flat grass with a few cones out.

I was looking at the Trencher 40 series - deep tread, but taller and narrower, and heard they are more all terrain so ok on road also.

Does anyone have any recommendations, or pictures of the 40 series on the Keaton?

Thanks for the help, and Merry Christmas!

Do a search in the media section. I think I saw some not too long ago. If thst does not work a quick google search for trenchers 40 series should also work.
Get the backflips..... cannot believe how these things hookup!


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I really like the proline badlands, they grip like no other and make the truck handle very solid!


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Think I'm going to go with the Trencher 40 Series as my next set after my cheap ones I ordered come in the post (none-brand ones) - cheers for the help guys!
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