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Des Moines Iowa
Arrma RC's
  1. Senton 6s
I bought a new senton last week and the range on the tatic is bad at least for me I was losing signal in a very large parking lot where my buddy with his Traxxas radio worked fine there. So I bought a spektrum and put in it. Now I just got a used kraton with the arrma radio in it and I'm most likely going to put the spectrum in it until I buy another receiver for the senton. So put the old tatic back in or use the arrma for the senton? One thing I feel the signal could be bad is there is no antenna coming from the tatic receiver but I could be wrong.
As a reference BigSquidRC tested the range of the Arrma and Tactic radios, and they were very good.

Range is a notorious issue at some Spectrum radios!

My guess would be there is something wrong with your set.
How is the quality of the used batteries of your radio? Those for a large part are responsible for a long range.

Than have a look at the receiver. Is the tiny curled wire still at the end of the Rx antenna cable?
I don't know, is it the same receiver like it is in the Nero? Than the receiver has no external antenna.
The Tactic ttx300 from my covers the hole shocker field here. No issue concerning range.
But we had other issues together with other radios. If we are driving with several different TX, sometimes the link is not stable if we are standing too close together. The effect was like a lost link. After reducing the distance to the car the link was stable again.
The reason or troublemaker was an cheep RTR transmitter which had blocked the link.

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