Why Castle ESC's?

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So, Castle doesn't publish the amperage capacity on their esc's. Yet they're extremely popular. I like their features, and believe they can do the job. Esp the Castle-link. But I don't understand how/why people would buy them w/o really knowing what they're getting. All the other mfg's publish their specs so you are buying a known quantity.

So what would make you buy an unknown over something w/ more transparency, what can they say that would sway a decision? "I'm not going to tell you exactly what you're buying, but I'll just say it's better than the other brand."

If this makes any sense...
And the way the manufacturers measure the continue capacity is never standardized.

So for example even the previous (2013 model type) Fury BLX ESC has around 60A continue capacity, while it says 80!

Many examples to give.
I think it is a marketing choice, and maybe even liability (when using other manufacturers motors). Nevertheless they succeeded in becoming a big name in RC.

What I do not like about Castle Creations ESC's is their relatively low BEC output, both in amps as voltage. High speed powerful servo's can give problems like Savox and Hi-Tec for example.
The solution is to add an auxiliary BEC system (which Castle is selling too)
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