Why is the kraton more expensive than the nero?

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Just as the title asks? I would think the nero being a newer more complicated design would warrant a higher waking price.

arrma did a rapid fire on 2 additional variations of nero...with improvements I suppose...driving rev 1 down...possibly. ..just a guess...and maybe nero is a short lived design...who knows...
It's on sale at the moment. It'll be back to $499 soon enough I suspect. They probably have a stock of the non-diff brain models because most people just drop the extra $100 rather than upgrading themselves later. The Fazon seems to be selling like crazy. The Big Rock was a hit as well so the bare bones model got a big push for the holidays.
Easy answer, the Kraton is a better truck, faster, jumps better, lands better, turns better and doesn't brake everytime you run it. I have parked my Nero for 4 weeks now and it has not broke since I parked it. Meanwhile I beat the crap out of my Kraton and Talion and nothing brakes. Arrma doesn't feel the need to fix the Nero's weaknesses. Such a shame. Wish I could sell my Nero
Umm - these sales throw people off I guess... The Kraton is not more expensive than the Nero. Nero has enclosed chassis with lay down shocks, diff brain & Max8 ESC + more powerful motor.. Look at the original pricing and that will give you your answer - 499 vs 699. A lot of people drive the nero and switch modes on the fly. They punch it with diffs locked and then get on posting boards and slam arrma. I got my nero in mid july - non diff brain because I wanted to keep it simple and i don't bash and don't climb. I have had no problems other than broken rod ends , shock ends, ez fixes. I have said before that it would really be helpful if arrma had difficulty levels for each truck - like Traxxas does. The Nero is not for everyone - I have the Nero brainless and a Fazon and I can see I chose right as I had a ton of issues with the fazon and it didn't have sheet to do with Arrma and fixing weaknesses - it had to do with me driving it like an asshole. The diff brain is LOCKABLE DIFFS. you can't go in drift or esp climb mode and punch it.You can't switch modes while going 20mph, you can't go in wheelie mode and punch it or you will break those driveshaft pins - its easy to post whiny stuff about arrma and the Nero , etc but I suspect a LOT of it is driver error. Just my humble opinion. also - I have a KratonV2 too - and I have replaced the rear shock tower TWICE now - got it in September. I love the Kraton but durability with me - I rate it a 7 while I give the Nero a 8 out of ten - compared to traxxas for sure.


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Not whining, You be the judge. I have owned the Kraton for 8 months. List of broken parts- Burned up my motor after running 3 6s packs back to back and a servo. That's it, no other broken parts.
Talion for two months- no broken parts
owned the Nero for three months, List of broken or failed parts, About 30 rod ends, 12 shock caps, 15 shock ends, 2 servos, 3 shaft pins, 2 shock rebuilds, 1 ESC, 1 battery box, ESC has fallen off and severed the on-off wires and 2 rocker arms.
Forgot to mention, For the Kraton I sheared off the m3 bolts so I drilled and taped to m4 and solved that problem.
Not knocking the NERO but it is no basher. The Nero shines on the track with small jumps or a flat field.
Wasn't directed at you ole fart - apologies. I'm sorry about the Nero experience and can see how it would sour someone. I have to agree on the Kraton jumping better for sure. I got the Kraton V2 for one reason - it's a 6s truck that's almost 5lbs lighter. Right now My LHS is installing a max 8 combo in mine. I think that the Kraton has a lot of advantages in that weight advantage that makes it more agile and easier to fling around. In the air - with my HPIGoliath MTs it simply hits my jump Ramps and glides through the air while the Nero kind of lumbers through the air like the tumbler from the dark knight. My experience though is a bit different. I got the Kraton V2 in September and I'm on my third rear shock tower and my 3rd rear diff case. I've replaced 3 different dog bones and a few bearings. These are repairs I chose to do myself and it was painful as I'm a year into this hobby. I think it's also me to be honest. My LHS tells me to stop the 30ft jumps or I will continue to break poop. I keep my fazon and Nero grounded for that very reason. My Kraton is soooo much fun to drive - I keep it on the air. Outcast has run twice and has eaten both pinions from jumping. All hardened steel - LHS says they only stock Robinson racing pinions. They arrive tomorrow.


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The problem with the Nero is everybody drives it like it's a three pound truck not a 15 pound truck. The handles really good abuse you just can't be stupid heavy on the throttle would you take your car out and go off road instead of having a truck? So relative to your experience I'm not used to having a fast vehicle that size but I also know that you can't just sit there and go full bore all the time
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