Will a MMX8S need a cap pack speed when speed running a smaller car? (serpent)


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I'm building a serpent 989e for speed running and I'm wondering if I will need a cap pack when using it for a smaller lighter build such as this. When I was using it for my Limitless the ripple was about 9-12% so I moved on to an XLX2. The serpent is substantially smaller (5 lbs vs 11 lbs) and I'll be using a smaller tp4040-2850 kv motor instead of a 1717-1650 motor.

Since I don't know what actually contributes to ripple I'm wondering if the MMX8S would be adequate without a cap pack on this smaller build.
Ripple voltage has a lot to do with the internal components on the board in the MMX8s.
The XLX2 has nano caps that do a much better job.

I suspect you will still see a similar uncomfortable amount of ripple and will want the additional capacitance of a cap pack.
You already know my opinion on these. If you want one, pay for shipping. Both have never been used. One's a 6s ones an 8s.

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