Will these batteries fit? Floureon 8000mah

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So, I know how to read (now) but when ordering my batteries for my Big Rock I misread a dimension.

The battery tray is......... 6.93x1.97x1.42
The floureon battery is..5.30x1.71x1.56

It's only off by .060" (or roughly 2mm)
Is there wiggle room in the tray where I can get away with it, or should I box up these packs for return and order new ones? I'd normally just wait and see, but I'm antsy to get back to bashing, and don't want any delay.

I really wanted that capacity. 8000mah 40c would have been fantastic. especially at the value (assuming that I didn't get a bunk pack).
I have the SMC 3s 7200mah batteries and they squeeze in with the following dimensions:

The plastic can bend a little when you put the packs in, but I am not sure how much. The biggest issue I have is the wire comes out of the corner of the pack and can rub when running. I have seen someone else cut out the plastic side and just use a Velcro strap instead of the normal latch but I feel that is pretty extreme.
Thanks for the input guys. I'll keep this updated if they fit. I've held off on dropping the $ on new packs, but I am still hesitant to swap the connectors until I know they fit.
Twiddling my thumbs waiting on the mail, I went ahead and swapped the connectors anyway, and set up my charger. I did find out I need a slightly bigger charging bag to fit all of this stuff in it.

Side note, I'm about positive these are 6s packs with 3 parallel sets of cells. I'm not sure how to feel about that since there isn't a way to really check individual cells. I'll keep an eye on them.


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Be very careful with the floureon soft packs, I have burned up two trucks while using them. One was only a few weeks old and the other was 2 months old. one was a 3s the other 4s. SMC 7200mah is the way to go.
Long story short, the batteries do not fit, and I wouldn't recommend them.

They did however get me over an hours run time putting around the back yard.

A video on fitment

And a couple pics
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