Kraton Will this battery fit?

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Hi everyone!
Just introduced myself in the welcoming section of the forum, I'm about to kindly shoot my first question...
I'm looking at graphene batteries at HobbyKing for my first Kraton 6s on its way to me, they charm me... quite much...
No dimensional problem with the 4s - Battery: 144 x 51 x 41 mm - Tray: 158 x 51 x 46 mm
But with the 6s I have an issue - Battery: 146 x 51 x 60 mm - Tray: 158 x 51 x 46 mm.
Now, If the last dimension of the battery tray is referred to the height, the battery itself may fit because I think I have some kind of tolerance. Otherwise if it is referred to the width I am most certain it will not.

Is there any owner who could help me with this maybe also with taking a measure at the tray's WIDTH, or just by knowing if this battery will fit?

Thank you in advance!

Cheers! :D
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Do you plan on running the 6S off road in grass and dirt for full packs ? Or...just speed runs on pavement ?

I found that a large 6S doesn't do well for jumping, bashing and cool motor temps. A big heavy 6S pack just makes one side too heavy.

SMC makes a 6S that is the size of a 4S but it's 4200 mAh.

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Hi, thanks for your answer!
6s absolutely just for speed runs! Too much speed and power to even try a bash for me! Pure slick asphalt.

Nice battery! But I'd rather keep it 5000+mAh.
I'd like only to know if the battery tray is 46 or 51 mm wide...
Ok.... let me get a measurement.

The tray is 51mm wide inside wall to wall. My one 6S battery is 50mm wide by 57mm tall and it's around 145mm long. It has plenty of room in length to fit in the tray.
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I use two 3s 5000mah 65c graphene packs one on top of the other in my krayton, the are crazy powerful
Guys that was AWE. Great infos you both gave me!

@Vanning 51 wide, so the battery should fit at least by one of its sides and if it fits a 50mm high chances are a 51 will surely fit even more if not hardcased

@Rob You gave the final confirmation, since the 3s is as wide as the 6s, and 2 of them are higher than one 6s. Moreover thanks to you I will even save 70$, I'll tell you why. I needed a 3s for my wife and my son.. you know.. so if you tell me that 2 3s will fit I will just take a second 3s (in place of a 6s) for those times when I need to satisfy my burning speed hunger :vamp:

PERFECT! Thanks guys, really!

Happy bashing and take care!

Cheers! :D

Great forum, great ppl!
I have 3 Turnigy packs..... never one complaint about them. And Hobbyking has always been great getting the product out to me.

Let me see if I can get you a height measurement under the body.

You got 70mm of height before a battery will touch the lowest part of the body.
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From this pitcure however it looks like the cage would overlap half of the width of the tray... Well I anyway hope I will have 66mm room to fit the two batteries as @Rob is saying...
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