Wing for the Nascar #38 Zane Smith Body


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Hey guys, so I'm using the Ford Nascar body for speed runs. Yes, I love the body and figured if James can do 175 on it can't be too crazy. Anyways, had my first crash and the wing is broken. I'm wondering if the Arrma Infractin wing will fit the three holes on the Nascar body. Anybody own both?
I got both. Not even close lol. You’d have to do some serious custom work to make it fit lol

Dang! You rock MFM. Thanks for the reply and pics. Do you use your's for speed runs, the infraction I mean?
Always glad to help whenever I can ;-). She’s built for wide open, tire destroying, smoking parking lot drifts lol. Soon to be a speed runner now that I’ve found the perfect spot;-)
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