Talion Wing mounts

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I've broken 2 wing mounts on my talion. The second one I had carbon fiber renfoced with 1.3mm glued to each side. The glue that came with the carbon fiber separated from wing mount so I'm thinking that had some to do with it.

I was just wondering what others are doing to keep the wings on there talion or kraton.
I don't have pics, because I haven't done it myself. But they connect one end to one of the preexisting screws in the wing mount, and the other to one of the preexisting screws in the base of the diff case/hinge pin holder.
You have any pics of how you did it?

I'm not paying that much I'm making it my self. Carbon fiber is easy to work with. That is just where I got the idea on how to do it. When I did it on the last one I used some glue that came with the cf and it find stay on the plastic. Didn't think to drill a new hole and use the hardware to hold it
I know, I read your post..lol
I was just saying that one in the link is overpriced
That is a horizontal brace if I am not mistaken, don't forget to make a vertical brace as well, otherwise it will just break the mount closer to the chassis.
I like ima try to get one made out of metal and use the 4 turnbuckel support bars. It looks mean and adjustable
So far my carbon fiber bracing is working if it fails I will get a RPM.
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