Granite Wires Overheating?


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I have an Arrma Granite That was once a brushed mega running the 15/91 setup. I then threw in a Onyx 4000kv system that after replacing the plastic spur to a steel one, ran just fine. Upgraded from a 2s(7.4v 5000mah 50c) to a 3s (11.1v 5200mah 50c) and still did perfectly. About a week ago I swapped out the 48 pitch setup for a 32 pitch setup with a 20/55 gear mesh. Started experiencing high temps not on the motor but the wires themselves until yesterday while I was doing a light bash on 2s one of the motor leads melted. Motor was barely warm while the leads where absolutely scorching. Is this due to my gear setup? or is my motor not cutting it anymore?
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It is hard to know for sure, but many times this means a poor connection between the motor lead and ESC wire. Sometimes they can be too loose and will arc/melt. There are other scenarios but that is generally what occurs.

You can order new bullet connectors and try soldering things back together and see if it runs fine. Make sure the male bullet is expanded so there is a tight fit.