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I couldn't wait for Christmas morning. I unwrapped 2 of the 3s batteries I have under the tree, and the new charger too. Charged em up and took her for a spin yesterday. HOLY MOLY that's a whole new car when running under 6S power. I was pulling wheelies on the wet pavement, and drifting corners for 40 yards. The T-bone front and rear bumpers even got their first scars. I am not sure I am capable of controlling this thing when it's going that fast. But it sure is going to be fun learning. Since we're getting having one of these rare Southern California rain storms it'll be a week or so until I can hit some dirt. Have a great Christmas everyone, I know I will.
I went out a few times yesterday with the kids and we found a slightly damp field of short grass. We were running back and forth throwing rooster tails like crazy, with 4s. Then I put the 6S batteries in. Oh Dang, we were digging ditches with the back wheels. It looked like a drunk farmer plowed the field when we were done.

I gotta be honest, I am not sure I am good enough to run this thing on 6s. It take 40 yards for the thing to slow down, if I just let go of the trigger. How do you stop this thing with out destroying the differentials? I feel like a 20 lb car doing 60 MPH, and then slamming on the brakes has got to damage the internals.
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Proportional throttle and brakes...just ease into the brakes. In the future when you upgrade the radio you can soften the brakes up some more by dialing out the end-point for the brakes.
Took mine out today on 6s, holy flute. Serious ballooning of tyres. Upgrade of tyres a must I feel.

Boy I bought it from must have stuffed front left hand side noticed some cosmetic damage when it arrived, thought nothing off it thought, until today the ball stripped out of the bottom A arm.

Kraton's way of getting new to do some maintenance along with the repair.
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