SOLD / FOUND WTT - My Talion for your Typhon-

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I have a complete v1 Typhon with 2 body's. I was looking into picking up a Talion. Why are you getting rid of your Talion?


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I did the trade local, so my Talion is gone...

I had been wanting a 1/8e bug for a long time. Was shopping and saving, was about to pull the trigger on a Tyhon, when my son decided he want to upgrade his 2wd SCT with a 1/8 Truggy. His B-day was coming up, and I saw a deal for a used Kraton and Talion (plus batteries, charger, etc.) for only a bit more that a new typhon, so I jumped. I let him pick which one he wanted, expecting him to want the Talion, but he picked the Kraton... LOL I ran the Talion for a while, and while I really liked it, I still wanted a 1/8 ebug. So I traded it.

I've only run the Typhon a few times, and not yet at the track, but so far I am really liking it. Although I have blown tires every time I have run it. This could get expensive.... LOL

My typhon is a V1, with a Toro 150a ESC and a Trackstar 4268 2350kv motor (black can).
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