Typhon X-Maxx ESC into the Kraton or into the Typhon?

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Austin, TX
Hi Everyone,
I shredded my Typhon's (version 1) wires when they got stuck in the center diff so it's time to use some spare electronics to get my Typhon up and running. I have a spare ESC from the Traxxas X-Maxx, but I'm not sure if I should just use that in the Typhon or use the BLX185 from my Kraton and put that into the Tyhpon (and the X-Maxx ESC into the Kraton).

Any thoughts?

My Typhon has the stock servo while my Kraton has a stronger Savox.

Thanks for any ideas. I'm thinking it won't matter much but I'm still a newb so just checking. I have 6.5mm to 4mm bullet connectors so it'll be easy to make the X-Maxx ESC work with the Arrma motors.
Got one, would throw away traxxas ESC,go hobby wing.been around awhile.max6 here.
Yup. Love the Max6 in the X-Maxx! That's why I have a spare one.

I went ahead and put the VXL-6s in the Typhon. Servo seems slower since it's only 6V versus the BLX180 7.2V power. But works just fine otherwise.
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