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I've been meaning to start a maintenance log of my R/C's so I'll just start with my newest car, a Kraton 8s RTR. I acquired it used in 2022 and my first run on Christmas day wasn't spectacular. It was stock when I bought it and the only thing the previous owner did was install the option speed pinion.

BrandPart #DescriptionLinkNote
SMC Racing113150-4S1PHCL-HP 14.8V 11300mAh 150C G10 Protection PlatesLinkBatteries
HobbyStarHS-6912HVBrutal-Torque Large-Scale Digital ServoLink
Hot RacingAFE21N02Cap Hubs
Hot RacingAFE10M02Wheel Nuts
Arrma320617EXB Front Bumper
Robinson RacingRRP1220Extra Hard Steel Mod1 Pinion Gear w/5mm Bore (20T)Link

Here is the current setup and upgrades:

-= Electronics =-
Stock motor
Stock ESC
Flysky FGr4 Receiver (used with Noble NB4)

-= Differentials =-
Front - 1 Million
Center - 20 Million
Rear - 500k

-= Gears =-
20T Stock speed pinion
47T Stock spur gear
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I’ve thought before that a log thread (by rig) could be a super helpful resource. Good to see it, thanks for the info!
I've upgraded the servo from the stock 1/6 scale servo to the Hobbystar HS-6912HV 1/5 scale servo. To upgrade to a 1/5 scale servo, the servo/receiver box was also swapped out to accommodate the wider 1/5 scale servo.

I also replaced the 23T pinion the previous owner installed with a 20T Robinson Racing pinion. The stock pinion this vehicle comes with is a 17T, so I figured 20T would be a happy middle ground between speed and torque.
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