short wheel base

  1. RxMonkey

    Malion- Something Different?

    Hello All, I had some stuff lying about. I picked up a Kraton roller and thought it was lost in the mail. I bought a Kraton and had a spare roller once it showed up. During the great parts shortage of early 2018 I got a ton of Talion parts to have some spares. I decided to use the kraton...
  2. WoodiE

    Outcast Arrma Outcast video and features

    Arrma Outcast features Short wheelbase layout Wheelie bar Waterproof electronics 6s capable BLX 185 ESC 60+ MPH potential Tactic TTX300 2.4Ghz radio system Body roll cage All new battery tray Length: 540mm / 21.26" Ride height: 47mm / 1.85" Wheelbase: 328mm / 12.91" Front and rear width: 461mm...
  3. ARRMAgeddon

    Kraton KRATON SWB

    Want to make your own Kraton SWB? First you will need to buy an Arrma Kraton. How to make a Kraton SWB 1 Arrma Typhon chassis plate. 1 Typhon rear/center drive shafts. 1 Typhon rear chassis brace. Servo mount. Servo. Esc motor upgrade. Then you have a Kraton SWB (short wheel base)! Next...
  4. TpPartsRcXtreme

    Kraton ARRMA Kraton SWB 6s

    Got a new Kraton 6s...and a lose Typhon chassis plate, centreshafts and rear brace...this is the result Kraton 6s Kraton 6s vs Typhon chassi El installed Almost done Motor support..mighty 4092/1730 Done.. Kraton SWB 6s vs Kraton 6s