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Media comments

  • The Truckified Typhon fly's again!
    Looks nice. What body is that, is it a 1/10 or 1/8 scale body?
  • Fully Arrma'd Outcast #7
    okay thx dude
  • Fully Arrma'd Outcast #7
    Aviation scissors / snips / shears are used to make cuts in long pieces of thin metal or plastic w/o deforming the material. I use these...
  • Fully Arrma'd Outcast #7
    also, what's the material you used for the bumper and wheelie bar? want to make some too ;D
  • Fully Arrma'd Outcast #7
    would've taken me HOURS! Well, i have only got a metal hand saw, file, mechanical caliper, drill (idk what aviation scissors are) and 1 big and 1...