1. 4TFour RC

    Traxxas 5353 hubs

    Hey all just wanted to share some pics and my experience with the Traxxas 14mm to 17mm conversion kit. I installed this on my Senton 3S (pics attached) and overall I think they are well worth the $20 and a few minutes to install. For now I'm running some 1/8 buggy wheels and tires from my Tekno...
  2. Spar69!

    17MM to 14MM hex adapter Talion

    OK Don't know what type of feedback I'll get on this and don't know if it's a stupid idea but I've got 6 sets of TMAXX wheels/tires (on and off road) and I'm looking to run them on my Talion V3 and can't seem to find a 17 to 14mm adapter....just don't want these tires to go to waste.....any ideas???