1. E

    Senton Integy Snowtracks for Senton/Vorteks/Granite 4x4 Anyone ever done this with a 4x4 Granite/Vorteks/Senton 3S Mighty tempted to get these and give it a shot. My concern is if I just simply remove the center...
  2. 1

    Kraton Kraton 6S V5 BLX - Integy Suspension Arms Kit - Pivot Ball Thread Doesn't Match?

    Hello All, I've been having fun with my Kraton 6S V5 BLX and decided to pick up the Integy Suspension kit after breaking an arm. I found that the stock pivot balls seem to be threaded M6X.75 with a finer thread while the Integy kit is threaded for M6x1.0 with a courser thread. You can see in...
  3. C

    Kraton Integy parts

    Not sure if they are really new, or if I just missed them for a whole year, but I just noticed that Integy now had a whole bunch of parts for the Arrma Vehicles They aren't specifying the caliber/quality of the aluminium they use, but they are billet machined (which mean CNC I guess). I'm not a...
  4. Cranius Maximus

    Forward Integy Shock Mod for Granite/Vorteks/Fury/Mojave

    I had been trying to find a drop in replacement for my forward shocks on my Granite due to lackluster dampening and my upper caps coming loose. 78mm was the dimensions given and WoodiE suggested the Integy MSR11 c22912 in this forum. This shock comes with variable dampening, aluminum body and...