1. O

    Rear Diff Destruction - Typhon V4 (Pic Attached)

    Question: I just blasted the rear differential. I've previously blown and purchased a metal diff case for the center diff. Is there anything like that for front/rear? Links appreciated. RC Car Arrma Typhon v4 6S ESC: Hobbywing EZRUN Combo MAX6 Series Motor: Rocket 4585, 1580kv Pinion: 22T...
  2. blackhawk2k7

    Senton 3s BLX spur gear

    Hey all, I've had my kraton for a couple years and have done it up tastefully, and love it! Just recently picked up the the Senton BLX 4x4 and instantly fell in love. Heard a couple squeaky bearings and replaced ALL of then with Fast Eddie's sealed. Took it out again today (first time on...
  3. Metal ANYONE!

    Metal ANYONE!

  4. These are super tough,Yet Super heavy!

    These are super tough,Yet Super heavy!

    These are super tough,Yet Super heavy!
  5. Granite Upgrade Part #'s

    Granite Upgrade Part #'s

  6. D

    Arrma Metal Roof on Raider 1/10 Brushed

    Has anyone bought and fitted the Arrma Metal roof on a Radier 1/10 Brushed? I ordered this from Tower Hobbies: Problem is the original plastic roof has tubes through the underside that allow it to be screwed in from either side of the...
  7. WoodiE

    Upgrade Mega/BLS plastic transmission to BLX metal

    So you've started with one of the Arrma MEGA or BLS models and now wanting to upgrade to a brushless and LiPo setup for longer runtimes and a much faster vehicle!? Upgrading Arrma Transmission from plastic to BLX metal Before doing so it's highly recommended you upgrade your plastic...
  8. BFH

    Mega/BLS plastic gears to BLX metal

    Has anybody done the conversion to a metal gear transmission with blx parts? Does anything cross over? Will the mega case work with metal gears? Will any of the bearings? Any parts list floating around that anyone has put together? I have put together a list of what I think it would take to...