1. WoodiE

    Felony Arrma Felony Rebuild

    Since getting my Mojave EXB I haven't been running my Kraton 6s at all and decided it was time to get something else. Ended up trading the Kraton for a used Arrma Felony that isn't in terrible condition, but certainly seen better days. This is my first on-road car I've owned in probably 10...
  2. six7jedi

    Typhon Best way to lower for road bashing

    What’s the best way to lower my Typhon. Gonna keep it strictly on-road and want to lower it some more. Shocks already at lowest setting.
  3. #ARRMA #v2 #Infraction Smoke Show 💪💪💪

    #ARRMA #v2 #Infraction Smoke Show 💪💪💪

    #ARRMA V2 laying down some series rubber with a set of GRP s-7 slicks .
  4. Greengaunja

    Senton Chilly day for a Road Rash Bash on the 6s

    Run #2. This time I got to lvc the batteries! Made a slight rear end change. Waste of a tire but protects the hell out of the rear end! And installed with a leftover sink bolt.
  5. Albert84PL2005

    Good on road drift cars kit or rtr

    Was looking on whats a good drift car wanting to get into it and have a 2nd rc car