1. greynation

    Granite Arrma Baja Bug Progress Updates. Tips, questions, discussion on mods and interchangeable parts between models.

    11/10 11/9 Arrma fog lights Links: 3D Beetle Parts 11/8/22: Polo Creations Headlights The wiring left a lot to be desired. If I wanted it to be able to last more than 5 minutes the wires needed protection. Early November 2022: If I could go Back I would not have chosen that Dark...
  2. Bekant

    Big Rock SWB Big Rock

    Been thinking about converting my Big Rock V3 into a SWB for a very long time! The other day the rear input gear broke and I figured I might as well pull the trigger and order the SWB chassis to make it happen. This will turn it from a wheelbase of 327mm/12.87" to a wheelbase of 287mm/11.3"...
  3. RxMonkey

    Malion- Something Different?

    Hello All, I had some stuff lying about. I picked up a Kraton roller and thought it was lost in the mail. I bought a Kraton and had a spare roller once it showed up. During the great parts shortage of early 2018 I got a ton of Talion parts to have some spares. I decided to use the kraton...
  4. ARRMAgeddon

    Kraton KRATON SWB

    Want to make your own Kraton SWB? First you will need to buy an Arrma Kraton. How to make a Kraton SWB 1 Arrma Typhon chassis plate. 1 Typhon rear/center drive shafts. 1 Typhon rear chassis brace. Servo mount. Servo. Esc motor upgrade. Then you have a Kraton SWB (short wheel base)! Next...
  5. TpPartsRcXtreme

    Kraton ARRMA Kraton SWB 6s

    Got a new Kraton 6s...and a lose Typhon chassis plate, centreshafts and rear brace...this is the result Kraton 6s Kraton 6s vs Typhon chassi El installed Almost done Motor support..mighty 4092/1730 Done.. Kraton SWB 6s vs Kraton 6s