1. RxMonkey

    Malion- Something Different?

    Hello All, I had some stuff lying about. I picked up a Kraton roller and thought it was lost in the mail. I bought a Kraton and had a spare roller once it showed up. During the great parts shortage of early 2018 I got a ton of Talion parts to have some spares. I decided to use the kraton...
  2. D

    SWB Kraton slow build V1

    Slow complete rebuild been working on this for months. Decided on the tekin and 1700 kv motor. I put in a 15 or 16 tooth pinion. I forgot Outcast chassis Outcast battery tray and guards too. New bearings and screws
  3. ARRMAgeddon

    Kraton KRATON SWB

    Want to make your own Kraton SWB? First you will need to buy an Arrma Kraton. How to make a Kraton SWB 1 Arrma Typhon chassis plate. 1 Typhon rear/center drive shafts. 1 Typhon rear chassis brace. Servo mount. Servo. Esc motor upgrade. Then you have a Kraton SWB (short wheel base)! Next...
  4. TpPartsRcXtreme

    Kraton ARRMA Kraton SWB 6s

    Got a new Kraton 6s...and a lose Typhon chassis plate, centreshafts and rear brace...this is the result Kraton 6s Kraton 6s vs Typhon chassi El installed Almost done Motor support..mighty 4092/1730 Done.. Kraton SWB 6s vs Kraton 6s