1. Warby

    Turnigy heavy duty or Turnigy nano-tech?

    Turnigy heavy duty or Turnigy nano-tech? Which is better for bashing? What is the difference? About to buy a second battery (5000mah) for my 3s. please help me decide.
  2. Klappars

    Talion motor upgrade. Turnigy motors

    I would like some opinions/advice from anyone who has changed the motor to a lower kv in an arrma 1/8. I currently have a turnigy xk4074 2000 kv motor. Running 17/50 gearing on 4S it's right up to the limit in terms of temperature at about 65-75c (149-167f) on 4S but on 6S it goes above 90c...
  3. Vulcan603

    Swollen lipo on first charge :(

    Sad to report I still have not driven the Senton since buying it last week. Just charged my new Basher Lipo at 1c and this happened !! I not have a near fully charged lipo in the garage with what appears to be a faulty swollen cell. I have raised with hobbyking and given evidence. My...
  4. Sharpshooter

    Turnigy Graphene lipo

    New member here with a few questions about the Turnigy Graphene lipo batterys. Has anybody had the$$$ to purchase any of these batteries, and are they really worth the$$$? Should I invest in high-dollar batteries or just go with less expensive ones? Thank you in advance for your time!!
  5. Jerry-rigged

    Turnigy Reaktor 2x300w 20a Unboxing and Review

    Howdy gang- After months of looking, shopping, wishing, and finally killing my old charger, I finally jumped the fence and got the charger I’ve been wanting for a while – The Turnigy Reaktor 2x300w 20a I am still in the discovery phase with this charger, but I figured I would post up my...