SOLD / FOUND New Fireteam take offs, body, tires, etc!

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Removing unnecessary parts from my Fireteam, I will update the more I take off. Feel free to make an offer on anything, based pricing comparable to Jenny’s.

Handbrake set up-$35 shipped

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Added a few pics and some new never ran Outcast 6s EXB shock towers. I know it’s too late for any of this stuff to make it by Christmas, but I’m sure someone would be happy with some belated Christmas Fireteam (and/or Outcast) parts!
Pretty soon this Fireteam stuff is going to be obsolete and all of you guys are gonna be kicking yourselves for not getting in on these sweet sweet deals.
Outcast towers sold!
Updated and added pictures.
Can’t believe you guys haven’t been blowing up my inbox to get ahold of this handbrake. The body I can understand but think of the fun a handbrake could add to ANY rig!
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