Arrma RC Images

Gallery for Arrma RC car and truck pictures.

Media comments

  • MM2 Battery Tray Mod.jpg
    I like the esc fan shroud
  • 85DBE721-B759-4B7F-BAA5-0576D854E0F1.jpeg
    That is sexy, I really like how that came out man. Well done!!
    Cheers mate 👍🏽
  • ARRMA Outcast LWB 6s BLX
    Great shot!
  • IMG_1597.jpg
    Mines has Kraton hubs and axles. Had to use the JustBashIt adapters which do extend the wheels out quite a bit actually. The GRPs are for on road only. They're actually F1 tires. I like them a lot but I couldn't figure out if my diff problems were because they're a little heavy or just a bad...
  • IMG_1597.jpg
    omg you filthy TP traitor!!!!! :eek: :ROFLMAO: I might have to get those wheels at some point then. Do you think the grps are strictly for on road? I was already intending on using talion/kraton diffs so thats good. Thanks for all the insight bro!