My 10 dollar score. The guy said thats all he wanted and I wasnt gonna argue...Has 2 motors but no other electonics. Thinking about the tamiya dual-motor esc.
WOW! I would've jumped all over that! What a deal.

If you're staying with brushed motors, get the Traxxas EVX-2. It will handle up to 4S Lipo, waterproof and tough as nails. I ran that ESC in my Clod with everything from stock motors, mod motors and the big Traxxas 550 can motors. I now run a dual brushless setup but moved the EVX-2 over to my stock Clod.
Also, Hobbywing makes a good dual motor brushed ESC as well. I run one of those in my crawler.
@Dubbl-A Thanks for the valuable info Dubbl-A! I was looking on TH's website to see what they had for brushed motors, but now that I have this info I may upgrade my other Clod Buster and use the old stuff in this one. The motors it came with both work, so I cleaned them up and sprayed them with contact cleaner. All I need is an ESC, I have everything else. Might get some new rubber also since these are a bit dry. Looking at the RC4WD B&H Clod tires.
Hey, no problem!
I've been working/playing with Clodbusters for a very long time so if you have any questions just hit me up. I never used the RC4WD B&H tires but I currently have RC4WD Rumbles and I like those. I also have the Pro-line Destroyers and just ordered some of the new JConcepts stuff and can't wait to try them out.
The first Clod I have was from a friend of mine who had it since 1990/91. I helped him build most of the harder stuff on it waaay back then and he recently gave it to me... He wasn't using it or even planning to.
Those renegades are sweet! They look like the real ones they cut for the full scale trucks!
My Clod was the Bullhead version from 1991. Believe it or not, even with brushless power, I am still using all the same original gears in the front axle and most of the same bearings. Every now and again I'll snap a tooth off the counter gear in the rear axle but not often.
I just received the Renegades yesterday and they look great! Can't wait to try them out.
@Dubbl-ANot sure what version his was but the guy selling it had ALOT of stuff. I myself bought so much stuff from him then told my Buddy about the Clod and he wanted it. Came with a 2 ch Futaba and everything which is still in it. I bought my Kyosho ZR-1 Corvette from him and several O.S. engines N.I.B. This was one of them-->http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q...5ADBA0845F1F8A19BE6F5ADBA0845F1F8A1&FORM=VIRE . I did order the Tamiya esc from Amazon (Cheaper than TH) and the RC4WD tires from TH earlier. Traxxas ESC was out of stock until mid April. Found a couple on Amazon but they were overpriced!

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